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OBI LEGAL GROUP, PLLC (OLG) is a full service law firm that provides legal services in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, with a primary focus in family law, complex civil litigation, and immigration law. Our mission is simple. To concentrate on the solution rather than the problem. With this mission and one goal in mind, we have been able to aggressively and zealously advocate for clients and find them solutions to their legal matters.

Fast Growing Reputation as a Dependable and Skilled Family Law Focused Firm in Dallas - Fort Worth Metro Area

OLG is proud of the fast-growing reputation of lead attorney, Joy Obiselu has for successful representation and an extraordinary dedication to clients in all legal matters. When your rights, freedom, livelihood, or your reputation are at stake, OLG is willing to fight for you both in and outside the court until the end. You can be sure that if you ever encounter a legal problem, OLG will represent you with power, confidence, and integrity. 



Family Law

OLG is highly experienced in uncontested and highly contested family matters. Our experience ranges from high value contested cases, child custody, child support, and advocating for the rights of fathers in Texas. OLG will fight along side clients to make sure your story is given strong and accurate  representation.

Criminal Law 

OLG has represented numerous of clients from simple traffic Class C tickets to felonies. We can help with your DUI Defense, record expungement, traffic tickets, warrant removal, probation violations, and more criminal charges.

Father's Rights 

OLG believes that every Father has the right to be an important part of their child's life and build that father-child relationship. We take the rights of father's very seriously and have experience representing father's who are currently being alienated from their children or being denied access and possession. 

Immigration Law

OLG provides general immigration services in the areas of family and employment and investor immigiration. we can help with marriage visas, family petitions, fiance(e) visas, citizenship and naturalization, work visas such as H-1Bs and investor treaties.

Complex Civil Litigation

OLG is highly experienced in representing clients who are currently or anticipating civil litigation. Our clients range from business entities to small businesses and individuals who need the guidance of a seasoned attorney to guide them through the often complicated process of the civil courts.


Legal disputes don't always have to be settled in courtrooms. OLG has helped many clients avoid costly court battles through neutral and experienced mediation services for legal disputes in family law, such as divorce and child custody.


Experienced Attorney, Care to Detail

We make getting to know you, your situation and your concerns, OUR PROBLEM and OUR FIRST PRIORITY. In addition to providing you with experienced legal expertise and highly effective advocacy, our goal is to make sure you never leave our office the same way you came in. 

Cost-Effective Lawyering

Our firm knows that in this challenging economy, success means keeping an eye on your expenses. Helping you manage your legal costs is a significant part of our lawyering process. OLG does just more than advocating for clients inside and outside the courtroom, we focus on you and your finances. Our fee structures are competitive with the average consumer/client in mind.

Creating and Maintaining Relationships

At OLG, you are not just a client for a short time, but a client and family for life. Once a OLG client, forever OLG family. We are proud of the relationships we build and maintain at the firm , creating networks that result in continued success for our clients. From beginning of representation to the end, we make it our business to interact with you at a personal level with respect to your short-term and long-term goals. 

Affordable Legal Costs

If you need to speak with an attorney regarding a new or current pending matter, give Obi Legal Group, PLLC, a call at 469.608.0LAW) 0529 to set up a consultation today to see how we can best help you solve your legal needs. 


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The Game Plan

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