Comprehensive Mediation Services

Obi Legal Group, PLLC,  (OLG), provides a comprehensive mediation services to help resolve conflicts as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Because of the sensitivity of most case matters, Joy Obiselu knowns the importance of resolving matters as smoothly as possible without the use of a formal trial in court. We provide mediation services for all disputes.

Family Law: Divorce and Child Custody Cases

When mediating family law cases (divorce or custody) we focus on getting parties on the same page in a structured process that minimizes stress and conflict throughout the process. When children or property are involved, we focus on developing agreements and plans that are age appropriate for children and the distribution of assets and debts in the marriage as well as spousal support and child support.

Attorney-Mediator Services

As an attorney-mediator, Joy Obiselu, can draft all the paperwork necessary to finalize a settlement agreement between the parties. She will work with parties whether they represent themselves or they have attorneys.

Reach Satisfactory Agreements Through Mediation Dallas Fort-Worth Metro Area Legal Disputes

'Our primary focus and goal is to help you reach an agreement in mediation you feel comfortable with.You are the decision make when it comes to mediation and full control of the decision-making process. We do our best to assist you effectively, comfortably and confidently in mediation.

As a mediator who is a licensed attorney, Joy’s goal is to be a neutral  third-party in the case. Joy Obiselu is neither lawyer nor judge for any of the parties. She is an experienced, impartial person, whose role is to provide options, alternatives, and fresh new ideas for the parties and to provide an atmosphere conducive for reaching an agreement by the parties. Litigation is an expensive process, and mediation takes some of the financial burden off the parties.

As a mediator, Ms. Obiselu does not have any decision-making power. In all mediation conferences, it is important for you to be adequately prepared to represent your best interests as well as the results you would like to create in mediation.

The following information is intended to assist you to maximize your mediation experience.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process whereby parties in a civil suit, including divorce and child custody cases, can come together before a neutral person called a mediator, who is experienced in the art of negotiation and mediating whose job is to facilitate an amicable and fair settlement between the parties instead of a traditional court setting. Going through mediation is almost always less expensive than a traditional court setting.

Can mediation work if we are not talking to each other?

Mediation is for the friendliest of parties to the most emotional. The presence of a neutral and impartial third party creates a dynamic that helps achieve a level of communication with the other party that you would most likely not be able to reach on your own.

Why choose mediation?

Mediation is a great medium for parties to reach an agreement without the interference of the courts. It’s less expensive than the traditional trial setting and provides the parties full control over the outcome of the case without the stress and anxiety attached with court. The solutions in mediation are tailored to fit the parties directly and are personal.

How long will mediation take and the cost? 

It is impossible to predict with certainty how long a mediation will take between parties. Factors such as issues at stake as well as the parties disposition towards each other and reaching an agreement. Generally for divorce and custody matters we have half day (maximum 4 hours)  and full day slots (maximum 8 hours) available for parties. Our prices for mediation services are affordable and competitive within the DFW Metroplex. 

What if we agree on many issues? 

The more the parties agree, the easier it is for the parties to reach an agreement. Our goal is to support you in your decision-making and make you aware of the issues that you may want to consider before finalizing and settling on an agreement.

Will mediation work?

The success of mediation depends on the parties involved.

What if we don’t reach an agreement?

The mediation process is a confidential one with a few exceptions. In no mediated agreement is reached, evidence of the mediation discussions, mediation materials and any draft mediation resolution will not be admissible in court or any other adversarial hearing. Mediators also cannot be called as witnesses to testify in court regarding the mediation process the parties were a part of.

Who pays for mediation? 

All parties are responsible for the costs of mediation unless decided otherwise by participants. The fee for mediation are split equally between the two parties.

Can you draft legal documents? 

Yes, as an attorney and mediator, Joy can draft a  legally binding settlement agreement and have it filed with the court. Having documents drafted by the mediator is generally less expensive and contentious than having them drafted by an attorney representing one of the parties. Though, as stated above, having your own attorney review documents is recommended.

Hiring Us for Mediation? 

Obi Legal Group, PLLC, is committed to providing high quality, personalized representation for our clients. We encourage a collaborative approach, stressing mediation and negotiation whenever possible. We are experienced and compassionate, recognizing every case is unique. Our office works as a team. Each client receives copies of each document involving their case and are engaged throughout the process.